10 Huge Kite Festivals Around The World

Just like the birds can fly high in the sky so does the kites. They are designed in such a way that they can imitate the birds. The big difference is that a man controls the kites while the birds move by themselves. In most of the case, you will find that a lot of people do believe that kites usually are for the kids, but you are wrong ion this, kites are typically flown by adults also.

People regularly participate in this event and mostly they will carry the memories whenever they go for the type of experience they had. It is a lot of fun, and thus the festival is maintained to keep people active. The following article will take us through the ten huge kite festivals around the world.

1. Festival of the Winds That Is Normally Performed In Australia

This kind of event is held during September each year. Sydney becomes the place where the all event takes place, and it is done at the Bondi Beach. They have no issues, and all are invited to participate and also witness the kite’s festivals.

2. Hamamatsu Giant Kite Festival

Just from the name it is well known that the festival takes place in Japan. You will find that they have different kites that are rectangular and they are large measuring about 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters. The festival started in the 16th century when the kites were just flown to celebrate the birth of a baby boy. You will find that there are a lot of spectators who enjoy watching the whole thing.

3. Portsmouth International Kite Festival

They have different kind of kites that are very beautiful and colorful at the same time. This kind of festival takes place in the UK, and in most of the cases it includes the demonstrations of the art of kite making and flying.

4. The Kite of Sumpongo

This kind of festival usually happens in Guatemala; they have circular kites that are typically flown to mark the celebration. They usually have a belief that the kites when they are flown take off the evil spirits and thus they usually observe the festivals.

5. The International Kite Festival in India

According to their culture, they usually believe that the kite festival typically mark the day when the winter begins to turn into summer. This generally is a message to the people especially those farmers that the sun is back and therefore it is harvest time. The events are organized, and people compete against each other in marking the day.

6. Bali Kite Festival Indonesia

You will find that a lot of people are invited to take part in this kind of festivals. They usually are invitations to countries across the world to participate thus there is competition on who is the best in doing that. Here the kits are large as compared to other places; you will find that some other sites have a vibrating bow whose buzzing can be heard from far.

Bali Kite Festival Indonesia

7. Cape Town International Kite Festival, South Africa

In these festivals, there is all kind of kites, and the festival attracts more than 20000 visitors typically. It is considered to be the largest kite festivals in Africa.

8. The Zilker Kite Festival, Us

It has been into existence for a very long time since they were founded in the year 1929. The primary purpose for this was to install creativity in the mind of a living soul. People show what they are capable of by flowing the kites and coming up with a winner.

9. Cervia International Kite Festival Italy

This is kind of unique from the others because it shows artistic kites from different parts of the world. Like for instance, you will find that the show, animals, characters, figures and all pleasure of flying over the beach.

10. Weifang International Kite Festival China

China in the first place is known as the capital for kites, and in most of the instances, most of the people usually recommend it as the birthplace of kites. China has the largest kite museum in the world, and therefore you can visit the place and witness all. There is a different kind of kites designed differently for the festival.

Conclusively, kite festivals are great fun, and it brings people of different culture together, and thus it motivates social unity among different people across the world. The celebrations are typically performed once a year, and therefore people are always prepared for that particular event.

Even though it has been common knowledge to all that kites are for young kids, the statement is proven wrong since you will find a lot of adults also taking part in the festival and thus increasing the kind of fun.